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CPX Research Offewall


Hello everyone.
Today we have added another offerwall - CPX Research
Link can be found at your users menu. CPX Research is becoming one of the most popular offer walls used by big platform and we have decided to connect it to our services.
As like before offerwalls are direct factor towards daily paid ads distribution, the more members earn from offers the bigger next day paid advert issue will be as all profit we receive goes back to our members eventually.

In addition you have already noticed that we have a popup ads on some pages, it is minimal display and it is not there to annoy you, but it is an additional income for program and it is there to increase daily ad issues for you all. It is in a testing phase to find the best suited - that is most profitable and minimum annoying for you. Please bear with us while we look for best option as this can take few tries before we find the best for us all.

Hopefully we will be able to add even more offerwalls in near future and if you know trusted ones that pay via bitcoin please let us know via the contact mail.

Thank you all for your support.

Hitsium Admin

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