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Offerwall | Bep and Cash Lottery


Today new features have been implemented.
Offer wall "Medium Path" added. Hope this will help users in reaching they targets faster. In addition when ever user completes offer funds are added to daily funds distribution. This will help greatly to increase daily funds distribution and bigger value paid adverts.

Bep and Cash lottery implemented.
Simply buy tickets and hope for win.
Bep lottery: each ticket purchase currency is your Bep points. At the moment it is 100 Bep.
Once all tickets have been purchases system will randomly choose three winners and distribute prizes. Prizes can be found at the Bep Lottery page. Purchased ticket number is unlimited.

Cash Lottery: Each ticket purchase currency is Buy balance. At the moment it is $0.10 per ticket. When all ticket have been purchased a random three winners will be selected by system. Prizes can be found at the Cash Lottery page. All prizes are credited automatically.

Once all tickets have been purchased and winners have been decided a new lottery round will be launched.

Bep Lottery is mostly concentrated to reward users and reduce overall Bep accumulated in system.
Cash Lottery is mostly concentrated to reward users and to increase daily funds distribution as every time Cash Lottery round is completed 10% of total spend funds on that round goes to daily funds distribution sum.

You can find all these new features from main users navigation menu.

We really hope you will like those new implementations.
We continue working on more exciting features and hopefully soon be able to introduce them. We have a lot of those planned...

Kind regards.

Hitsium Admin

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