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One Month Online!


We just wanted to stop by for a second and congratulate everyone of our first month achievement. Sure this is just a first small achievements from a lot more future ones, but it's a start.
We have planned Hitsium structure and its capability to expand for month before launch, system has been designed to work when there is few and thousands of users. System is well tested with the amount of users we have now and hopefully soon we will be able to test scaling with a lot more users. We are not rushing anywhere, we have a 3 years domain registration term and it will be extended when ever we come to this points, rest assured, we are not going no where, we are here to stay for long. System has been designed for stability and stable it will stay, unfortunately we can not guarantee massive daily ads like some other programs are providing its users, but we can guarantee stability, honesty and longevity of Hitsium, if you are here to make fast profit we are probably wrong program for you, but if you are here to continuously make income online, we are your perfect choice.

A lot of work have been done in background on our security, hopefully our development team will be able to finish some of the unique features we know our members are waiting, as soon as some are completed we will add them, meanwhile please enjoy your daily profit how ever big or small it would be.

We think it is better to have something constantly rather then more for a day or two.

We will not take long before more exciting news will be released, stay tuned for that.

Kind regards.

Hitsium Admin

Older News

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Today we have added another offerwall - CPX Research

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A one time bonus feature has been implemented. We are more then 4 month old program!

Three Month Online

Hitsium is already 3 month old program and holding. We would like to say a big thank you for all users who are with us.

Two Month Online

Here we are again with our next achievement. Today we are two month online and working perfectly.

Offerwall | Bep and Cash Lottery

Today new features have been implemented. Offer wall

Hitsium Launched!

Welcome everyone to the new Era! After many month of preparation and construction Hitsium is finally ready to open its doors to public. Come in, the water is fine.