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Three Month Online


Hello fellow users. Hitsium is already 3 month old program and holding.
We would like to say a big thank you for all users who are with us, and as the holiday season is in all swing we just wanted to rise the awareness of these hard times and remind everyone to stay safe, celebrate all holidays at the most secure and safe way possible for everyone, the sooner we all get throw this the faster we will be able to get back to our usual life that we all are so waiting for. If you have not donated to any charities yet, we would really like to ask you to do so, remember that there are people in much more need then us are, we are constantly in support of as many charity organizations as we can afford, we have to take care of everyone not only our closest ones.
As many of you have noticed we have not developed new features for some time now, the reason is that we work as an web developers and we had received couple big orders that we are currently working for more then a month, we are on a tight schedule and are rushing to finish them. Soon those projects will be complete and we will fully get back on Hitsium development. This is one of the reasons why we mentioned our long term plan for Hitsium, because we are not only having this project as our income but several others plus a development team with plenty external works we are able to keep Hitsium program for years open and paying constantly.

Lets wish each other a wonderful Christmas and a great 2021 year, let those be fantastic ones for all of us and others on this earth.

Kind wishes for all.
Merry Hitsium Team.

Hitsium Admin

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